Cleaning the momentary switch for the compressor

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Cleaning the momentary switch for the compressor

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Cleaning the momentary switch for the compressor

This "How to" Assumes that you have already removed everything to access the switch from its location.

As you can see in the photos, after removing the rubber cover you can see that the button plate is highly corroded and needs to be cleaned. You can see the two locking tabs clearly. There might be a small zip tie holding the rubber cover in place you will need to cut that off to do the needed cleaning.

1. With a small flat screwdriver push the copper plate out of it locking slot and carefully pull the plate off so the inner spring doesn’t fly away.

2. Pull the button out and clean the spring and the little nib as well as the button moving part to remove all corrosion.

3. Using a fine wet sand paper and white toothpaste clean the corrosion off of the plate. Polish the plate till it shines. And make sure the center nib is polished as well. (you can see the copper beginning to clean up. I forgot to take a photo of the finished product.)

4. Once clean reassemble the button. The wide end of the nib goes into the button switch first then the spring then the plate locks it all together

5. Test the switch with a multimeter to check function.

6. Reconnect to bike.

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