How to make a Glove Box Size Owner’s Manual from a PDF

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How to make a Glove Box Size Owner’s Manual from a PDF

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How to make a Glove Box Size Owner’s Manual from a PDF.

This write up works for any owner’s manual that has been converted to a pdf file. Please understand that there are a number of ways to print the pages in order to achieve the book we want. At the time of this writing I was limited to what options I had. Also the user should have a basic knowledge in the use of Adobe Reader. Though I will try to keep it as easily understandable as possible, as well as user friendly.

Ok so you bought that classic beauty of a Goldwing 1200. The buttons, knobs, and size all are a bit over whelming. The former owner doesn’t remember if the manual is with the bike. You search all through the many places the book could be and theirs nothing. Searching the net you find the book you want in a PDF file and download it. Problem you can’t keep your laptop, smart-phone, or tablet in the bike, so you want print it out and make a book to keep in the bike. New problem it’s on full sized paper and doesn’t fit in the glove box. GREAT!!!
Here’s how we fix this issue

1. Gather the following items
a. Scissors or a good paper cutter
b. White glue
c. Two hole punch
d. A Two hole file folder that uses tabs to hold papers in (like what they use at the doctor’s office)* A set of nuts and bolts with four washers will work as well. With heavy cardboard.
e. A good pen or pencil
f. Duct tape/packing tape.

2. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader and skim the pages take note of the page numbers. For example the scanned image of the cover would be page one not page one of the original book. Look closely to see what pages are in English. Or whatever you language prefer. The owner’s manual I used had 3 languages. So all the English pages where on the even numbered pages. This will be how I explain how to print the book in English.

3. In Reader click file then Print. Look at screen that pops up closely.
a. Under the page range you have a few options. Click ALL
b. Under” Subset” select the “even pages only”.
c. Under paper Handling Click “Shrink To Fit”
d. Now click “OK”
e. Go have a cup of coffee and let the printer print.

4. The printer is done yay! What now?
a. Trim all the pages so they are about 6.5”x 4.5”
b. Flip the stack of pages over so that they are face down
c. Using the two hole punch and working with small piles of pages square them off and punch them.
d. Take the folder and bend the clips or tabs up, and place the pages on them
a. Mark the folder at each corner giving yourself so clearance for the binder to take some damage if tossed or dropped, or damage just from normal use.
b. Remove pages and match markings with a Ruler and cut out with scissors of razor.
5. Now that the bottom half of the book and place on the folders other side (without the tabs) Now Trace and cut out the top half of the book.
6. Line up the top with the taps and make slight marks where you want to the holes to align with the tabs and punch the top. And place on the book and close the tabs.
7. Next take a ruler and pen and pressing hard make a hinge where the upper cover wants to hinge when opened like a book. Take the cover off and do this to the other side as well.
8. Take the duct tape and place it so that it folds onto and over this hinge and the holes, This creates a strong hinge in case the paper hinge lets go with use. Use an exacto knife to clear out the holes and replace cover.
9. Now cutting the duct tape ¼” shorter than the cover the tabs locking them in the down position.
a. Measure how wide the duct tape is going to the back cover. Take another piece of duct tape the same size and connect the two pieces creating a bonded joint. Then press the duct tape to the back of the book cover.
10. Your all done. If you want print out a colour copy of the book cover and glue it to the cover and back and there you go.

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