Glove box latch and mirror repair

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Glove box latch and mirror repair

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Ok so you’ve been riding all day and you’re ready to sit down and grab a bite to eat. You take off your helmet and “POOF” Helmet hair. So what do you do? Look in your side view mirrors hoping that you can fix your hair and not miss a spot. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks you have a vanity Mirror in the rear trunk bag. So you walk around the bike open her up and what do you see your mirror all scratched up from its cover not staying closed. Its latch flopping like a dying fish as you curse at it realizing that the latch is loose. How can we fix that? And how can we replace the mirror?

What you need
• Philips head Screw driver
• Thick C.A or hard plastic epoxy
• Non acetone based nail polish remover
• Ice cream on a stick
• Razor blade
• Black tack-back felt
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Cardboard from cereal box

Well here is what you do to fix the Latch

1. While you eat the ice cream look at the glove box and mirror assembly. Open it up and remove anything stored inside.
2. Unscrew the four screws holding it in place.
3. Carefully using pliers pull off the little black ring holding the latch in place.
4. Now being careful not to damage the latch break out the little plastic pin in the latch.
5. Now take the latch and go to a mom and pop hardware store. (home depot works in a pinch) looking in the hex headed bolts find the smallest one that fits snugly into the latch that’s about ½” long. Also find two washers (make sure that one washer is the same outside diameter as the area of the latch that the bolt fits in.) and a self-locking nut to match.
6. Now clean the inside of the latch with the remover and let dry.
7. Mix up some epoxy just enough to fill the hole in the latch.
8. Dip the head of the bolt into the epoxy and place into the latch
9. Fill the rest of the hole around the bolt with the epoxy and cover with the matched washer. Wipe off excess and set aside to dry. AT LEAST 3 HOURS.
10. Once dry replace latch into its hole and add washer and nut. Tighten to desired level of tightness.
11. Reinstall and enjoy the repair and the fact that unless people ask no one will ever know it was fixed.

To fix the mirror follow these steps.

1. While looking at the back of the compartment locate the plastic welds
2. Carefully cut the weld heads off one by one and lift the cover off
3. Remove mirror. There are a few ways to fix this. All require the old mirror for size.
a. Go to a glass shop and buy a piece that is the same size and thickness
b. Go to staples and buy a locker mirror and some blue masking tape and cut to fit.
4. While at the hardware store find the finest screws that will fit the holes in the weld posts, (make sure that they are self-tapping and shallow to prevent from coming through the door.) and washers to match.
5. Once you have the mirror, place the mirror back into its holder and replace the back.
6. Use the screws dipped into some epoxy and screw the back on.
7. To protect the mirror take the cardboard and trace the cover door.
8. Carefully cut out the cardboard mockup.
9. Trace the mockup on the back paper side of the felt and cut out.
10. Clean the mirror side of the cover with the acetone free remover.
11. Remove the backing from about 1/3rd of the felt and carefully place.
12. Working slowly, work the backing off as you lay the felt down.
13. Once the felt is laid down close the door and adjust the latch for the added thickness.
14. Reinstall the glove box and enjoy a nice new mirror

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