Do It Yourself Grip Repair

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Do It Yourself Grip Repair

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So your hand grips are falling apart in your hands as you dart down the street for a snack. You hate to admit it but you realize that you need to replace them, but you want to keep the ones for the bike as stock as possible, and well to be honest with yourself you can’t afford to run out and get a new set. What can you do to Fix or them without making them ugly or jacked? The answer is simple! You can make your own Classy looking custom retro style grips. Here is what you do.

Things Needed
• Sewing machine.(Great time to use your brownie points with lady love)
• Heavy duty nylon Thread (matching colour of the new grip )
• Easy wrap steering wheel cover
• 1/8” or 1/16” thick craft foam you can chose a colour or you can get black.
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Double sided carpet tape or contact glue
• Your old grips
• Screw driver (should be Phillips)
• Rubbing alcohol
• Abs glue or an all-purpose glue.
• Wide masking tape or polyester border material from fabric store

1. Take bike and go to local Auto Parts place. Find an easy lace steering wheel cover

2. Go to Lowes or Home depot and buy the two sided carpet tape,
3. Carefully remove the grips from your bike twisting and pulling gently.
4. Remove any and all foam from the grip
5. Carefully pry the bottom chrome ring off. Use a flat blade screwdriver place under the upper part of the ring and pop it off.

6. Using screw driver insert it into the grip and unscrew the end cap and remove and put aside PUT THE SCREW AND WASHER BACK ON END-CAP TILL YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Using the Rubbing alcohol clean the rubber grip well.

8. Take the steering wheel cover and cut it to make two halves of the same size.
9. Place the halves together face to face and use the Bordering/edging material or the masking tape to cover the end( this helps sewing) and using a sewing machine sew the two halves together.

(be careful to keep the stitching 1/16” from the end or you can have it surge stitched) This gives you a sheet of grip material to work with.

10. Taking the ruler find out the length of the grip.
11. Cut the grip material to the length (parallel to the stitching)
12. Take the Craft foam and cut to length as well also check to see if it goes all away around the grip without overlapping. If it overlaps cut it so that it doesn’t
13. Take the carpet tape and wrap from tip to end and back again making sure the grip is covered fully.
14. Take the craft foam and put into place around the grip making sure it lays flat as you go the tape should hold it down well.
15. Take another piece of tape and place it across the foam where the ends met.
16. Now take the grip material and wrap it around the grip, place the seam on the tape center. (trim if needed, leave at least 1/4th” to allow overlap.)

17. Taking the craft lace and tie a loop using a double half hitch (this is a strong knot to allow for tight wrapping.) and place it at the bottom of the grip and through one or two of the holes.
18. Wrap 3 or 4 tight wraps to secure the bottom of the grip. Trying to stay even wrap the lace up towards the grip end.
19. Taking a small amount of lace make a loop and place loop upwards flat on the grip and wrap the lace tightly and close together. Once you wrap to the top place the lace end into the loop and pull down through the wrapping and tie off well. (if you have a form of abs glue place a small amount onto the knot and allow to dry.

20. With a flat blade screwdriver carefully replace the base cap making sure not to disrupt the lacing.
21. With a Phillips head screw driver place the end cap screw and washer onto the driver and place through the grip pointing upwards (this prevents the screw from falling out) holding the screw in place. Attach the cap and secure tightly.
22. Replace grips and you are done. You now have custom retro grips for your bike and best of all it only cost you maybe 10 dollars.

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Re: Do It Yourself Grip Repair

Post by pudd750 »

this looks like a good idea even without any sewing- just whack a couple pieces and use the plastic line that comes with it to secure it -
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