Wingleader Side Cover Rail Installation

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Wingleader Side Cover Rail Installation

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Ok so it’s late, I can’t sleep so I decided to make the newest modification to my 1987 GL1200. The addition of Drag Specialties “Wingleader Side Cover Rails” For both great looks and protection on the upcoming hand pin striping once the new paint job is completed.

Parts needed for Installation
• One set of Drag Specialties “Wingleader Side Cover Rails”

• 6 stainless steel screws to replace the ones that come with the rails.
• Masking Tape of Scotch mate finish tape
• Pen
• Ruler
• 5/8th drill bit
• Centering bit
• Electric Drill or hand drill
• Philip’s head Screwdriver
• 6 Stainless steel Washers
• 6 rubber washers

1. Remove the Side covers and wash under hot water with dawn to remove all road grime and oils. Dry well
2. Place the covers on a flat surface, and Mask the covers lining the tape up with the pin-striping alone the inside edge
3. Place the Rail on the cover so that they are of equal distance from the striping. You might need to bend the rail to achieve this.

4. Trace the mounting peg locations and remove rail.
5. With a ruler make a square around the circle and find the center.
6. Drill your starter holes with the centering bit
7. Drill out the holes.
8. Place a stainless washer on the screw and place through the hole add the rubber grommet and attach rail.
9. Repeat with the other two screws
10. Repeat for the other side.

This also allows for a great means to attach side cover leaches to. I'll add photos of the completed covers on bike when I wake up
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