How to repair the front brake/Cruise Control cutoff switch

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How to repair the front brake/Cruise Control cutoff switch

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How to repair the front hand break light/Cruise Control cutoff switch assembly for the 1986SEI and the 1987 Aspencade
Original Part Number 35340-MG9-951

• X-acto knife
• Philip’s head screwdriver
• ABS glue
• 4 way finger nail buffer
• Needle nose pliers
• Small screw driver
• Electrical tape.(High Heat) Type if able to find
• Sheet of paper folded in half and marked cruise in one box Break on other
• (optional) Shrink tubing.

Removal of switch
1. Remove rubber boot from below hand grip.
2. Depress break handle and locate the switch.
3. Remove the four wires from the switch. (the larger clips are cruise control/ the smaller are break lights (this is a good time to look to see if you need to replace any of the rubber coverings on the clips)
4. Remove the screw and remove switch

Repairing the Switch
This switch assembly is two different types of switches one is what is called normally open the other normally closed. What this means is that when the break leaver is depressed and the switch relaxes, one switch opens breaking the circuit while the other closes to complete one.
1. Carefully take the x-acto kninfe and score under the lines around each side cover of the switch. Till the cap pops off.

2. Take the paper and place the cap on the right side (small blades break switch) (large blades Cruise control).
3. Very carefully remove the inner workings one function at a time. remembering how they go in and place them on each side. Of the labeled paper.

4. Wash the cover and the housing in warm to hot water with dawn and dry well.
5. Inspect the contacts for corrosion and buff clean (use contact cleaner from radio shack as well.)
6. Check for spring damage. ( you can replace the springs but you have to find a place that sells them)
7. Place the blade into its location and check for proper fit and non-movement.
8. As you can see if you look closely there is some burn damage from where the switch over heated from something. So the middle bade sits further into the unit. There is a simple way to fix this with some thin plastic tooth pick. Placed into the spot to keep the unit in place

9.useing the buffer buff the contacts clean and shinny
10. carefully reasembly and replace the switches
11. Once the unit is cleaned and ready reassemble sealing with abs glue
12. wrap with some electrial tape. one or two wraps at most
13. reinstall

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Re: How to repair the front brake/Cruise Control cutoff swit

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this switch is used on the 1985 LTD as well. :ugeek:
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