How to repair the C.B. Blank-out Plate from two different pl

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How to repair the C.B. Blank-out Plate from two different pl

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How to repair the C.B. Blank-out Plate from two different plates.

The C.B. Blank out plate is one of the main protective covers to the electronics’ bay located on the GoldWing’s left hand side inside of the main fairing. With age the ABS plastic becomes brittle depending on how well the bike was cared for. The side walls and the screw holes begin to break, crack and fall apart. You can if you’re lucky find a newer or better condition plate to replace it but most times you won’t. you will find one that is in some way just as bad as you current one. But if possible you can make one plate out of the two.
• Things needed.
• Razor Saw (local hobby shop or craft saw make sure it’s the fine tooth saw)
• M.E.K. or ABS glue
• Alcohol wipes or alcohol and clean rag
• Masking tape
• Flat surface
• Replacement weather stripping
• Stiff cardboard if no chrome or stainless plate is

1. Remove the volume control and anything else from the plates. This includes the stainless or chrome plate if equipped.
2. Clean the plates of anything that’s on it
3. Lay both plates side by side and look at them
5. Before you cut the plates make a cardboard cover plate that matches the mounting holes you want this plate to be perfect as it will help in test fitting the two halves together
6. Cut the two plates on the scrap side very carefully and slowly. Try to have no scrap be as precise as you can and cut underside out. The walls will help in cutting the main face. As well as make mating the two halves easier
7. One they are cut test fit the two sides’ do they line up properly with the cardboard cover plate mounting holes? If not work them slowly test fitting often till they do.
8. Once the match perfectly paint the sides to be joined with alcohol cleaning them well
9. Paint both halves carefully with M.E.K or the ABS glue and let sit for 30 sec then join and hold tightly.
10. Once dry you can clean up the joint on the outside with fine sandpaper.
11. Trim the weather stripping to fit the new plate and reinstall everything.
12. Reinstall the plate on the bike. And you’re good to go.

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