Kickstand Installation

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Kickstand Installation

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So with all the work you have doing on your Bike to make her look her best you step back and take a good look at her. She looks great except for that ugly brown rusted looking kickstand that just looks horrid. You find a beautiful Chrome Kickstand. Follow these steps to put it on

Parts Needed
• Ratchet with extension
• 17mm Socket
• 14mm Open end wrench
• Sturdy needle nose pliers
• New Kickstand
• New chrome Spring kit
• Strong zip tie or cinder block
• Bike

1. Place Bike on Center Stand
2. Remove old spring with needle nose pliers
3. Place Cinderblock agenst kickstand or zip tie it in the up position
4. Take the ratchet and remove the bolt holding the kickstand on (note if you don’t have anything to hold the kickstand it WILL MOVE!!! This make for an annoying removable.)
5. Whip off the Kickstand mount.
6. Place New Kickstand on to the mount and place the new bolt in and start it.
7. Place cinder block next to kickstand again.
8. Tighten with Ratchet as Tight as you can get it.
9. Place the short end of the spring onto the lower hook of kickstand.
10. Use the needle nose pliers and hook the long end onto the spring pin on the kickstand mount.
11. Place the flat washer, lock washer and cap bolt onto the protruding part of the bolt on the back of the mount
12. Start Cap nut by hand then tighten with the 14mm wrench as tight as you can get it.
13. Test function of the kickstand.

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