Converting the Radio and C.B radio switches to match the LTD

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Converting the Radio and C.B radio switches to match the LTD

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Converting the Radio and C.B radio switches to match the LTD/SEi switches . As well as cleaning and re-greasing the selector switch.

Having been a huge fan of the look of the LTD/SEI control switches, I changed the switches of my 1987 Goldwing with a complete set. The radio had the aluminum cap while the C.B selector switch did not. This was a problem in my eyes because I felt took away from the look that I am trying to reach. While I have the complete set of auto-leveling controls I know I won’t use them and I am planning on changing the box so that I can use it for lights switches. This gives me two selection switches that I can use to change the C.B controls. The process is very easy and at the same time allows for the switches to be cleaned really well and the dielectric grease changed as the old grease had now become stiff and sticky.

NOTE: If just cleaning and re-greasing the switch follow step 9 1-6
Whats needed
• The replacement switch
• A flat bladed razor or x-acto knife
• Solder gun
• Dielectric grease
• Soldier wick
• Wire stripers
• Wd-40 or other grease remover
• A clean pencil eraser
• A clamp or soldering vice
• Thin superglue or epoxy
• Small rubber bands.
• Small Philips screwdriver

1. With the flat razor very carefully open the switch housing by pressing the blade along the line on the back of the housing all the way around.

2. Open the housing and remove the screw holding the switch in place.

3. Pull the switch free and set housing aside
4. Using your soldering vice clamp the switch carefully as to not damage it with the three contacts up.
5. Mark the wires colour code from the screw hole up on a piece of paper. ( makes re-connection simpler later)

6. Using solder wick remove the wires carefully. ( soldier wick is placed on solder joint and then heated till all of the solder is soaked into it.)
7. Remove the wire set and place aside.
8. Remove the switch from the vice and place aside for spare.

9. Clean the replacement switch.

[*]1. Work the switch arm away from the switch body carefully watching that the ball baring and spring are not lost.

[*]2. Spray unit with wd-40 let soak then spray again.
[*]3. Wash in how water to melt left over grease and dry well with caned air or compressor.
[*]4. Using the pencil eraser clean the contacts till they are shiny
[*]5. Open new grease packet and pace some into the ball baring hole, then cover the inside of the switch
[*]6. Re-assemble the switch

10. Clamp the cleaned replacement switch into the vice
11. Inspect the three wires from before and tin and re-solder in order as marked on the paper.
12. Re-assemble the switch housing be inserting the push button then the selection switch and re-install the screw.
13. Re-seat the o-ring on the wire bundle back into the rear of the housing. Wet the wire lightly with water and slide the o-ring and back cover till the unit is able to be closed.
14. Seal the unit with either the superglue or the epoxy.
15. Enjoy years of use from the clean and replaced switch.

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