Making your own set of Car to Bike jumper cables.

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Making your own set of Car to Bike jumper cables.

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Making your own set of Car to Bike jumper cables.

Recently I have sadly lost my battery while I was on the road this happened at really bad time as the bike was my only transportation. After begging for help to jump the bike I finally was able to get some help from a young man. This kind young man gave me an old set of jumpers where the wires where in great shape but the clamps where shot. As well as being extremely hard to attach to the bikes battery.
After I got home I decided to salvage the cables and replace the clamps. One set for a car and one for the bike.
Whats needed
• A decent set of large gauge wire suitable for jumping cars or bikes yet able to be coiled up small.
• One set of heavy duty jumper clamps. Able to be used on both side post and standard.
• One set of motorcycle or marine battery clamps.
• Wire stripers
• High temp soldering gun or soldering torch.
• Flux
• Vice grips.
• Philips head screwdriver

1. Strip ½” of insulation from the wire. On each end.

2. Tin the ends of the wire real well
3. Starting with the car side first feed the wire into the clamp handle then clamp the connector in place. ( the few straggling ended needed to be cut.)
4. Using the soldiering gun or torch solder the connection in place.
5. Re-assemble the clamp

6. The bike connectors are simple pull off the coloured sleaves and feed one onto the wire the other set aside so it id not burnt.
7. Solder the clamp on just like before only on a smaller scale.
8. Enjoy knowing you are ready of something happens and you need to be jumped on the road.

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