Homemade lid/cover keepers

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Re: Homemade lid/cover keepers

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Homemade saddlebag lid/ side cover keepers

An inexpensive way to protect your costly covers from loss.

• 10’ 550 cord
• Small quick release clips (optional for saddlebags)
• 4 terminal rings ( size 5-5.5 / 12-10 ga)
• Lighter
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Sewing machine or needed and thread
• Heat shrink tubing
• Small abs pipe.
• Drill
• Round file or sand paper
• Cloth tape measure.
• Hack saw
• Oven or blow torch
• Old cookie sheet
• Parchment or tin foil
• Thick nail ( slightly thicker than the cord.)

Side cover Leashes (for covers without rails)

Step one. With the cloth tame measure take the following measurements
1. Measure around the frame tube
2. Measure from the frame tube to how far you want the cover to be able to drop, do this by tying some cord to the point you will attach to and to the flat of the cover and pull back till to are as far as you want. Try not to go more than 6 inches. I liked 4” made it a semi tight fit when connecting the clips

Step two. With the hack saw cut the abs pipe into 1” sections the cut the sections in half
Step three. With the oven (open the window its going to stink) place the halves on the cookie sheet on parchment or tin foil. With the heat on 250-300 (make sure to keep checking on this. You want them flat not melted. Should take 10-15 min or less. Remove when flat and let cool

Step four. Measure about 4 lengths 1.5’ of cord

Step five. Take your measurement of the tube and fold one end of the cord in half to make a loop. Fold this loop over itself and adjust the length till it’s the right size when tight with a ½” tag. Mark the spot with tape or some other way.

Step six. With the lighter surge the end of the cord and sew the tag to the other side of the cord. Then use heat shrink to lock it together. Repeat for the other three cords.

Step seven. Measure 1/3rd of the way down the cord from the heat shrink and cut and surge both ends

Step eight. Slide heat shrink onto the cord then Create a loop just big enough for the clip end to fit through. Then sew the tag to the main cord.

Step Nine. Insert the loop through the clip then slip the clip end through the loop and pull tight.

Step ten. Slide the heat shrink down and shrink

Step eleven. Follow the instructions for step eight onto one side of the remaining cords.

Step twelve. With the cooled abs plastic flats drill two holes about 1/4th” apart. Make sure to sand the holed smooth as to not cut the cord

Step thirteen. With either the oven or torch. Reheat the flat till its pliable not soft then stretch the area the cord will be with the nail this will create a channel for the cord to slide through when on the cover. Let harden again

Step fourteen. Slide heat shrink onto the cord and then run the cord through the channel. Sew the tag then heat shrink it. Do this with the other three cords.

Congratulations the main construction in complete

To install on bike frame, slide the loop over the frame tube and slide the clip through and pull tight

1. Mark where you want the flats to go and mark them. And clean with alcohol
2. Mix up some jb weld or abs glue and glue the flats to the covers.
3. Once fully cured connect the clips and put the cover on and enjoy the fact that you’ll never lose them.

For side covers with rails use a terminal ring and heat shrink the ring’s end and the tag. Adjusting the cord for the placement of the screws

Saddlebag lid keepers

Saddlebag lid keepers are the same concept. As above

• 4 small terminal rings ( size 5-5.5 / 12-10 ga)
• Heat shrink
• 4 lengths of 8”550 cord
• Scissors
• 4 small quick connect clips if you wish to remove the lids at times.
• Heat shrink (only needed if adding clips)

Step one. Remove the inner cords from the cord and toss. All but one

Step two. Fold the one inner cord in half and feed through the ring from front to back to form a loop

Step Three. Cut the outer cord on an angle and feed through the loop. Pull through the terminal ring post and trim flat, then surge the end

Step four. repeat last step for the other end and repeat till all four are done.

If you do not wish to have the covers able to be removed then install as below.

To add quick release clips

Step one. Cut the four keepers in half and surge the ends
Step two. Insert the cord through the heat shrink
Step three. Create a loop just big enough for the clip end to fit through. Then sew the tag to the main cord.

Step four. Insert the loop into the clip then slip it through the loop and pull tight.

Step five. Slide the heat shrink down over tag and shrink
Repeat for the remaining cords.

To install keepers

Step one. Remove saddlebag lids
Step two. Remove one nut from the latch bolt and slip the ring on
Step three. Replace nut and tighten. Do this for both lids each side.
Step Four. Remove one nut from the saddlebag latch and repeat steps 1-3

Your all set to never lose your lids again.

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