Converting the LTD/SE-I auto-leveling controls to a three sw

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Converting the LTD/SE-I auto-leveling controls to a three sw

Post by CharlaineC » Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:48 am

Converting the LTD/SE-I auto-leveling controls to a three switch Console.

To keep the look of my Bike Clean and allow me to add a separate console later on I decided to convert the switch auto-leveling housing into a three switch bay.

• Dremel tool
• #57 dental drill bit (you might need a few eBay/Amazon. )
• Small straight edge
• 3 small Lighted toggle switches (found mine in three colours at Autozone)
• Scribe
• Small razor
• Emery board
• Needle nose pliers

(NOTE) It is assumed that you have carefully opened the Switch housing and removed the original switches.)
Switch housing before removal original switches.

1. Place the switches leads in the old switch holes to get an idea of space.
2. Remove two switches and use one to scribe the shape of the body.
3. With the dremal use the straight edge to cut along the scribed lines

4. If needed use needle nose pliers to remove the cut material.
5. use the razor to clean up the edges
6. Sand the edges of the cutouts and check for fit

Your now ready to wire the switches and install.

You can make a faceplate if you want from stainless steel and use thin 5m tape to install it.
I'm planing on imbedding a crest in the open space.

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Re: Converting the LTD/SE-I auto-leveling controls to a thre

Post by WingAdmin » Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:12 am

I use a nibbler tool for cutting openings like this - it's much more accurate, less likely to damage due to the high-speed Dremel tool skipping off, and makes a very clean cut. It's good on everything from sheet metal to plastic: ... ingdocs-20

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