GL1200A Clutch Disc Replacement - In Bike - HOW TO

Step-by-step tutorials on how to maintain and fix your GL1200
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GL1200A Clutch Disc Replacement - In Bike - HOW TO

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Okay, so i just got done removing the clutch discs in my 1985 gl1200a.

IT is not that bad. just take your time.

Side notes:
- I removed or loosened floor boards, removed brake pedal, and other simple things i could remove to make it easier.
-Get a used clutch basket to do this. you will need this for when you reinstall the clutch discs and assemble the pack.
-I did this all while on the center stand.
- drained the oil first
- put the bike in gear
- rebuilt the slave becuase it was 7$ for the rebuild and took 2 minutes

Write up:
-Once i removed all the simple stuff, (side covers, floor boards, little plastic bottle, etc) I first removed the slave. First the clutch line going to it, removed the banjo bolt,washer etc and drained it.

-Once that was removed i then started on the case bolts, not to bad with a standard wrench..took about 10 minutes of actual time to get them all off. some were accessable with a ratchet, but some with a wrench.

Now a few taps, couple of tugs, some more taps, eventually it will come off the dowels and fall off.

a view from the underside of the bike looking at the clutch

-Once that is off you will remove the inside hub. Now here i got stuck, not the 6 bolts, but the center nut. That nut was a toughie.
There is a lock washer behind it that has tabs that fold into the little grooves. i did not know that. you have to use a punch or a flat head screw driver and get it so that tab is folded away from the nut so the nut can spin freely.

NOW, i used this tool to get that weird nut off! i used a file on it a teeny bit but i dont think i needed to.
I got this tool at local autozone, life saver. i just had it in the garage so it worked great. but yeah, you will need it.

Once the nut was off, then everything came out, that center piece comes out, and then the clutch pack itself came out.
Then you can hit the work bench.

Take that clutch pack and notice you will need to compress the black plate around the center. In the center there is a snap ring. You will need to create something like i have here to compress that plate, and then unclip the snap ring and free the clutch discs.

Once you have that off you can reassemble and reinstall the discs as they should be done. consult your haynes manual etc for further instruction on that. then you need to compress that plate again, reinstall that clip and your done.

Go slide that clutch pack back in and reverse the steps. reinstall clutch slave, bleed it properly etc and your done.

I will try and clean this up, but i wanted to give everyone a little insight sooner than later while it was in my head.

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Re: GL1200A Clutch Disc Replacement - In Bike - HOW TO

Post by julimike54 »

2 questions, did you replace the center plate of clutch pack and did you replace clutch spring. If you did where did you get the parts from? Or did you not replace, just inspect & reuse?
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Re: GL1200A Clutch Disc Replacement - In Bike - HOW TO

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Re: GL1200A Clutch Disc Replacement - In Bike - HOW TO

Post by roadwanderer2 »

Hey importcusomx, i have a question to ask you. when you put your clutch cover back on, which way did the arrow thats stamped on the cover go? towards the bottom or the right side of the rear casing.


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