How to replace your dash lights with LEDs

Step-by-step tutorials on how to maintain and fix your GL1500
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Re: How to replace your dash lights with LEDs

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I understand, thank you.

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Re: How to replace your dash lights with LEDs

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marks146 wrote: Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:19 pm In the original post it states there is oil in the fuel and temperature gages. I'm in the midst of replacing the bulbs and didn't remember not to turn over the unit so the oil wouldn't leak out. Well, when I was reviewing the procedure I reread the part about the oil and immediately turned the dash unit right side up expecting to find an oily mess. I didn't find any oil leaking out after it was sitting for an hour or more upside down. I can only presume there was no oil in my gages.

How, where and what kind of oil should I replace in my gages? Or should I leave them alone? I know oil doesn't evaporate, but the bike is 27 years old and who knows what was done to it by the previous owners.

Any thought will be greatly appreciated.
In the original post by Wingadmin is:

IMPORTANT: The temperature and fuel gauges contain oil which is used to dampen the needle movements. Turning the dash upside down will cause this oil to leak out! Never turn the dash upside down!
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Re: How to replace your dash lights with LEDs

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jbaviera wrote: Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:59 pm
Wildwilly018 wrote: Sat Jan 02, 2021 7:12 pm I might use this procedure to get to the speakers. There is a thin foam piece inside mine that is probably supposed to cover speaker, but over the yrs it just moves around and folds up in there.
Might as well, With the exception of removing the instrument cluster, you'll need to do all this to get to them. I'd that since you'll go that far, go ahead and replace those bulbs. It's a bit more money than standard bulbs, but you won't believe the difference till you see it.
All my bulbs work fine in mine. So until I have to replace, I will leave that part for now.
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Re: How to replace your dash lights with LEDs

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Well it seems this is time for winter maintenance. I am down for the time being anyway since I was working on tracing down my fans were not working. I found the culprit after much cursing and frustration. I tore it all back down to the thermostat and tested all sensors. Finally figured it was a connector on the right side above the fan that had come disconnected during the tune up I did earlier this past summer just after purchasing the bike. Since I have the bike dismantled this far I am going to replace the lights in the dash with LEDs to "brighten up" the dash lights. The old blue covered light bulbs were just dim at dusk and you could not see the dash gages real well. I am also adding the shifter brace. Again since I am this far into the bike I may as well take advantage of this time and fix or replace things before spring gets here.
The info on this site is amazing and I really like the details of the how to's!
WingAdmin you do a great job on all these articles. I have been able to figure most of this stuff out based on the details you give. Keep up the great work!

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