Air pump Desiccant.

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Air pump Desiccant.

Post by PedroTQ » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:13 pm

G'day to All,

I stripped my air pump down to clean, lubricate and renew the desiccant, easy enough job if you can use tools.

Firstly I discovered a very perished sponge filter right in the guts next to the crank wheel, bits were mashed throughout. So I just cut a rough circle out of a filter sponge sheet, and then one for the other end.

Secondly I am too scungy to buy new desiccant, luckily Mother Honda chose to use the colour changing type, Pink = Wet, Blue = Dry.
It is the Cobalt within the Silica-Gel structure that causes the colour change.

Simple, I just put the Pink desiccant in a small dish, put it out in the sun on my drying table which is my wife's potting table but with a sheet of black vinyl to absorb more solar heat, the GL-1000 front rim is to stop the wind from dumping the lot on the deck.
Leave it out there for a few hours and she turns blue and usable again. You can also do this in the kitchen oven, but after the last time I used the oven for GoldWing related things the Minister of War went Bananas! You could possibly try placing the dish on a bedside lamp, turned on of course.

Important! ... when the desiccant is Blue place a sheet of glass atop the dish and place it somewhere out of the way to cool down, I used the glass out of a defunked scanner. This will prevent the desiccant turning Pink again by absorbing the moisture out of the air as it cools down. Keep covered until ready to pour into your air pump.

I love the con-rod and piston in the pump, it would look great as a key-ring fob.

I am planning on re-assembling it all today.

Best wishes to All.

Pink, Wet desiccant.
Pink, Wet desiccant.

Out in the Sun to dry.
Out in the Sun to dry.

Blue, Dry desiccant.
Blue, Dry desiccant.

Put aside with sheet of glass atop to cool down.
Put aside with sheet of glass atop to cool down.

Air pump laid out.
Air pump laid out.

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Re: Air pump Desiccant.

Post by bassaw » Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:38 am

Hi and G'day Pedro,
Thanks for your informative showing on the 1500 Air Pump, It's certainly very interesting.
I'm also located in Perth and would really like to have a chat about our Wings.
My email address : if your interested please drop me a line.
I'm located NOR but happy to meet up anywhere in the Metro area.
Cheers Bas

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