How to replace your failed dash LCD screen

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How to replace your failed dash LCD screen

Post by wingdings » Tue May 15, 2018 1:51 pm

Hi - Folks there - Is your LCD dash board screen suffering the leaking look or just plain not working !! , if so don't despair here is a how to that might change all that by using the following links you should find it easy to change out the LCD screen and either replace it with a good used spare replacement LCD or buy a brand new one I will cover both methods in this how to by using both links and video 's .

Ok how to replace your LCD screen :-


To get at the dash board clocks and LCD display a lot of top tupper ware will have to come off the bike - ie mirrors etc i am not going to re-invent the wheel here please use wing admins - ( How to replace your dash lights with LEDs ) view link - viewtopic.php?t=10998

This is a very good how to and will give you all the pics and info that you will need to get the tupper ware off and get the dash clocks out as well when you have done that refer back to this how to complete this how to .

With the clocks now out and free from the bike you can now start to remove the old LCD broken one and replace it with the new used spare one -

To get the old LCD one out you will have to turn the clocks over take out the 4 screws holding the speedo clock and the rev counter also there is a small square box with a small cross head screw holding the lid in place remove this as you have to feed the plug connector though this to get the old LCD unit it out and feed the new one back though !!

( see pics below )

Top tip - Take a good look at all the bulbs in the instrument cluster - Replace either with Led 's or new bulbs before you start to rebuild the unit . There is a small bulb that sits at the bottom of the LCD unit sandwiched between the LCD unit and the fuel and temp gauges it is often over looked - its function is light up the bottom of the dash board make sure you check this before you start to rebuild the unit .

Next- With old LCD unit now out - and disconnected ( see pic below )

you can now feed back the new replacement LCD unit once this is done connect in back into the connectors you first unpluged it from then replace the square cover and replace the screw and tightin down .

Next - Replace the 4 long screws the hold the rev counter and speedo in place the whole unit in now ready to go back on the bike - Use wingadmins - how to - viewtopic.php?t=10998 to replace back on the bike .


Start by - using wingadmins - How to replace your dash lights with LEDs -viewtopic.php?t=10998

Next - Please watch the following video -

replace back on the bike by using - wing admins - How to replace your dash lights with LED's - viewtopic.php?t=10998

There is a you tube video - on stripping the bike - view -

- Just in case you run into trouble !!!..

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