96 GL1500A Removing saddlebags

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96 GL1500A Removing saddlebags

Post by Cyclewerx »

How do I remove the saddlebags to get to my brakes? I downloaded a manual but it only shows the parts to the saddlebags & not how to remove & to reinstall correctly.


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Re: 96 GL1500A

Post by Len »

Remove the two side covers.
Remove the four bolts from the bottom of the lower part of the trunk.
Remove the lower trunk panel.
Remove the four chrome clips around the corners of the saddlebags.
Remove the four bolts that hold the two rear corners from the saddlebags.
Release the two connectors for the tail lights under the corners.
Remove the four bolts from the inside of each of the saddlebags.
Release the two door cables from inside the saddlebags.
Slide the saddlebags to the rear and off the bike.
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Re: 96 GL1500A Removing saddlebags

Post by mikeswing »

I have got to my brakes by removing the left bag and then reach up with a wrench behind the right bag to remove the axle nut. It is easier with both bags off. Just a thought. :idea:
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Re: 96 GL1500A Removing saddlebags

Post by detdrbuzzard »

i removed the seat, lower trim off the trunk, chrome clips around the left corner of left saddle. unpluggeds the left side wire harness, removed the four bolts and the unlatch cable for the left saddle bag and removed the left saddle bag. unloosen the caliper from the bracket to uninstall the old brake pads and reinstalled the new pads

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