How to fasten cargo to your bike (VIDEO)

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How to fasten cargo to your bike (VIDEO)

Post by WingAdmin »

A new video, showing how to securely fasten cargo to your bike:

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Re: How to fasten cargo to your bike (VIDEO)

Post by Macca1066 »

I have used the Ratchet Straps & Ropes to tie bikes onto trailers, flatbed trucks and the like. I ALWAYS secure any ends so they do not get near the bike so they will flap in the wind and damage any surface on the bike. On my current GL1800A1 I used two pieces of 50mm (2") plastic pipe cat then so that they are "C" shaped and need to be stretched over the pillion handles so that Straps, Rope & Cords don't mark the pillion hand grips.

I have used Ratchet Straps & Ropes as well as the strap where the strap when tensioned pulls against a friction point. When I get moving I pull up after 10 to 15 minutes and check the load and the tension on the straps & ropes & where necessary I re-tension as well as on rare occasions change the position of a rope or strap. I keep a watchful watch on the load and if something doesn't look right I pull up again and go through the sooner if I see something wrong I do the check the load and the tension on the straps & ropes & where necessary I re-tension again.

I HAVE NEVER had a bike or any load come off the trailer, truck or that I have tied onto the bike.
I travel about 25,000Km (15,500miles) a year on my bike. My current GL1800A1 has 80,000Km (about 50,000miles) and I've owned it for 38 months. Ih has carried large suitcases, Tents & camping equipment, boxes and cartons of various size & weight & extra fuel cans & gas bottles. I've not lost so much as a match stick in over 20 years Riding, Driving cars with roof racks and towing trailers as well as driving a "HR" truck with all sorts of loads including bulk fuel & explosives.

Bungee type cords are great to stretch over and item that you want to secure & when you hit bumps and the likes they then stretch a little more allowing the load to move slightly. In my mind Bungee type cords and those with the ability to give a little are not a good option.

Thanks, Macca1066.
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Re: How to fasten cargo to your bike (VIDEO)

Post by T_birdman »

Brother if I only had a camera on my cell phone back in the day!! It was during my second divorce, she was gone, and I had to move a 2 bedroom condo using only my 1981 GL1100!!! It was a MASTERPIECE of rope and bungee cords holding 2 bedrooms worth of furniture, personal stuff, luggage boxes completely full, stuff tied all around the bike, but the key was to tie stuff on the bike making sure it all had to be able to stay upright on the center stand! The coup-de-gras was on the last load! That was where I had to carry my BIG MANS recliner chair, tied to the passenger seat and on top of the trunk bag, a pair of dining room chairs on each side, and the Electro-lux vacuum in the recliner, besides all the other stuff bungee'd to the bike and all kinds of stuff in front of me on the tank rack! If I only had a camera to snap a picture of the last load! Not to mention the looks I received from all the others on the road alongside! Folks must have thought I lost my mind! I swear, it was a sight!
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Re: How to fasten cargo to your bike (VIDEO)

Post by CrystalPistol »

Those "Action Packers" are light & handy for taking into motel rooms, etc.

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