How to diagnose brake problems (VIDEO)

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How to diagnose brake problems (VIDEO)

Post by WingAdmin »

We've just posted a new video today, explaining how to diagnose issues with your brake system.

Spongy brakes? Brakes that require multiple pumps? Brake lever that sinks after you squeeze it? We go over eight different symptoms, and what each one is telling you about the state of your brakes:

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Here's a quick summary of the symptoms and potential diagnoses that I cover in detail in this video:

No pressure, no brakes
- Needs bleeding
- Leak
- Low reservoir

Spongy brakes
- Needs bleeding
- Swelling lines
- Failing seals

Need multiple pumps to get pressure
- Worn seals (MC/Caliper)
- Worn caliper wipers
- Seized caliper pins
- Seized pad pins
- Rotor runout
- Wheel bearings

Brake lever firm, but sinks when held
- Worn MC seals
- Leak

Brake lever solid, no brakes
- Collapsed brake line
- Seized caliper

- Worn pads
- Glazed rotors or pads

- Glazed rotors
- Rotor runout

- Seized piston
- Seized caliper pins
- Seized pad pins
- Pinched/Collapsed line
- Clogged return hole

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Re: How to diagnose brake problems (VIDEO)

Post by llenryb »

Great Video, thanks for posting.

I think I'll have a go at my brakes this spring.
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