Rear Seat Heater switch removal & repair GL1800

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Rear Seat Heater switch removal & repair GL1800

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Hi All from the Netherlands (Europe),

I have a 2006 w/comfort package and the rear seat heater control knob was suddenly broken. I had problems by rotating the knob, and sometimes the knob got stuck in whatever position.
My wife likes to be warmed up a bit, but sometimes it was to much for her :lol: :oops:
I disassembled the knob and find out that the mylar tulle and the spring that holds the tulle under pressure where loose.
I post a instruction on youtube how to remove/repair the switch.

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Re: Rear Seat Heater switch removal & repair GL1800

Post by frostypop »

just today i found that to be the problem with my switch, so i just removed the spring and other part. it seems it will stay in what ever position you put it in with out it, you would just have to be careful not to bump it once set.
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