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2012 Goldwing ABS NAV Fork Rebuild

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 9:50 am
by Nicksacco
There is a lot of information on this forum and all over the internet on fork rebuilding.
However if you've never ventured into this area because perhaps you didn't trust yourself, weren't sure of the technology, or thought it too complex, then I hope these pics will show you it's really quite simple. The things I'll show you are how I do it. Others may have their own thoughts. My bike only has 40K on the clock, but after seeing the oil and the wear, I'm glad I did it.

However, you will need some special tools before you get started:
1- A jack to raise the front wheel off the ground while on center stand.
2- A vise to hold things.
3- Some plastic body panel tools or similar.

Here is a video from John Talley of Partzilla that is good. Note that the bike he's working on is an older 'Wing and the left fork and right fork are the same. That is NOT the case with the later models. The left fork on the 2012 has 2 internal seals.

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I used ALL BALLS internal seals/bushings kit and Honda OEM dust seals. You can see the parts in the pics.
I always use Honda fork oil because I really like the way my motorcycles ride with it. I am not a hard-driving kind of rider and I weigh in at 200 pounds.

Although I did have to remove the gauges cover/speaker covers plastic (it snaps off), I didn't need to remove the instrument cluster as John did. Accessing the top fork pinch bolts was easy. I previously equipped my GW with Kuryakyn handlebar setbacks so I no longer had the top fork cover in place.

In the first picture, you will see the alignment of the axle after removing the wheel and without disturbing the forks. When I replaced the forks, I was careful to ensure that the axle would slip in easily into both forks by adjusting how deep they were in the top pinch bolts. It was only a couple of MM, but I didn't want one fork length to be different than the other.

I don't show both forks in the rebuild - only the left so I can show you the 2 internal seals. Besides, other than that, the forks rebuild identically except for the amount of oil that is used.

These pictures shows the nastiness of the oil and the wear on the bushings. The bike was surely in need of some love.

This picture shows you the left fork with the two internal seals. Note that the bottom seal is much thinner (almost like a washer) and has a concave built in to mate with the actual washer beneath it.

This picture shows the body panel tool I used to twist the lower bushing (it's split like a piston ring) which expands it and thus makes it possible to slide off the lower fork tube slider.

This picture shows the way I inject the new oil into the bottom of the fork after replacing all seals and (obviously) prior to installing the lower fork hex bolt.

Finally here are the parts used:

I hope this provides some insight into the fork rebuilding business.
John's video fills in the gaps I left out - no point duplicating things too much.

Re: 2012 Goldwing ABS NAV Fork Rebuild

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 11:33 am
by Snowmoer
Good post. I need to replace the seals and oil on my 2012 in the spring.

Just a suggestion. Next time, use the pipe jaws on the bottom of your vise to hold the fork tube. Just put some padding around the fork tube and just snug it into the vice. It is very easy to remove the bottom bolt and drain the old fluid. You just spin the vice from removing the bottom bolt to pulling the inside out, to dumping the oil. The fork tube is just more stable to work on. I then flip it again to insert the seals in the outer tube. It never leaves the vice until I am done. I have done more seal replacements than I can remember and have never damaged the tube.

Re: 2012 Goldwing ABS NAV Fork Rebuild

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2021 5:55 am
by Nicksacco
Thank you - Excellent idea!