Air Shock

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Air Shock

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I removed the air compressor from my bike because it wasn't working. Alot of useless wiring and air lines under the seat so I decided to clean it up and there is that 'alot less chance of something shorting out' factor gone with all the harnesses unplugged and sealed up. Anyway what i'm gonna ask is more of and 'opinion' or maybe someone actually knows.
I took the shock and ran an line with an air fill valve directly to it. It's hard to explain how the shock feels now....not bad/not good, just different. I was looking at a picture of another bike 'can't remmeber where' and saw an air shock on it....BUT in had a little tank hooked to it. Maybe 1 1/2" by 4" before the fill tube. I looked at my maze of stuff I took out and there is a canister that can replicate such a little tank.
Is it possible that this little tank is a buffer that would release the stress of a shock totally filled with air and sealed off. It seems to me that if there was a buffer tank there would need to be a regulator between the 2. Something to allow a really hard impact to relase pressure as a 'buffer' to keep from blowing out the shock.
I ride with only a few lbs in it cause I never needed to add pressure for a load, that's why I don't care about the compressor. Then I thought about just removing the filler tube and allowing the shock to do it's own thing.
This is not a dire issue for me, I was just wondering if anyone has personnal knowledge of air shock and how they work.

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Re: Air Shock

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Sounds exactly right.
I make the assumption that someone "engineered" the air shock system to include all its parts as functioning buffer.
Probably by chopping a bunch of the equipment off you effectively reduced the capacity of air volume the system can hold.
So,there are 2 things that you could do.Buddy up to a Harley dealer and see if he may have a reserve canister used on the air shock seat or add on your bike the estimated loss of air line and parts removed.
It is a design thing.They were designed to have "this"volume of air, change "this" and now there is a difference.
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