Blue/Red LED ground effects

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Blue/Red LED ground effects

Post by ghostvet »


I am thinking of an idea, maybe it has already been done.

I would like blue ground effects under my bike. However, when I hit the brakes, I want the blue LEDs to turn red.

I guess I can purchase two strings, one red and one blue, but that is the easy way :-)

So, if I were to get Blue/Red LEDs, how would I wire them to get the effects I want? Does anyone have a whole lot more electronics experience than me? Please?


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Re: Blue/Red LED ground effects

Post by WingAdmin »

You can get multi-color LED strips. Each LED actually consists of three LED's: one green, one blue, one red. They will have four wires to connect - a common ground, and a power for each color. You can light up the LEDs any of the colors by powering its wire, or if you power all three, the colors mix to give you white light. Varying the amount of each color, you can vary the output color to pretty much any visible color.

In your case, you could ignore the green, then hook a SPDT relay up to the brake lights. The normally closed contact on the relay would be connected to the blue wire, and the normally open contact would be connected to the red wire. When you hit the brakes, the relay would energize, switching your LEDs from blue to red.
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Re: Blue/Red LED ground effects

Post by thirdstorybase »

you may want to check into the laws around this area. i have blue leds on my bike. i was told that using blue or red lights on your bike while moving is illegal. i only turn mine on while parked at night
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Re: Blue/Red LED ground effects

Post by virgilmobile »

Fortunately I know most of the road cops.One suggested I turn mine off while driving,He said I looked like a Christmas tree at 60 mph. :roll:
Well,I did over do it just a bit back then,and I admit it was hard to look at it at night.
My comment about being seen didn't go over well at all.
Something about being distracting to other drivers.
My comment about loud music and louder pipes didn't help matters either.
After the suggestion about towing my bike,I cut the fuse.Sheesh....left in the dark again.....Oh the nightmares.. :lol:

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