FM Transmitter Brings New to Old

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FM Transmitter Brings New to Old

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I own an 83 GW and and 86 Venture Royal both bikes have an am/fm radio that I can plug in a headphone jack to. I am an I.T. Tech and am pretty handy with upgrades I wired in an audio jack to my GW by removing the speakers and taking the leads from there so when I plug into the jack it turns off the reinstalled speakers. Now here is the magic part! I wired up a Cigarette Lighter inside my Left pouch and plugged in a usb extension cord about 6 feet long. I than ran it through the fairing to the right side of my fairing and mounted the end next to my smart phone cradle. This allows me to power both my smart phone and the FM transmitter on the fly. The next step is very cool and you will need a smart phone to do this. I am unsure if an Iphone will work but I can't see why not I use an Android phone.

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Try to find one that is powered by rechargeable usb

these devices simply plug into the headphone jack of your phone set it to an fm channel that has no station attached to the fm frequency in your area set your bike radio to the same and VOILA you can hear everything your phone does over your bikes radio! Listen to your favorite tunes, hear your phone ring, listen to your phones GPS! The sound is excellent! Way better quality than the radio stations.
You may have to play with it a bit to get the best sound I had no trouble on my bike. I have heard that the closer you can mount the device to the antenna the better the reception and sound. either way it is a great 30-40 dollar fix!

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Re: FM Transmitter Brings New to Old

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I use the Belkin Tunecast transmitter on my bike which is similar to yours. I like it because it allows you to tune to any station on the fm scale. Price ain't bad for $20 bucks. Reception is pretty good too. You just need a cig power outlet to use it though.
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