Any updates on de-rusting fuel tanks?

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Re: Any updates on de-rusting fuel tanks?

Post by warhead_71 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:27 pm

I use "The Works" (original formula, non scented) toilet bowl cleaner. It is designed to remove rust stains, etc from toilet bowls. You can buy these by the quart from the Dollar Store (for $1) or most home improvement stores... maybe even the grocery store. Same directions as Metal Rescue... you just pour it in and it starts to eat away the rust without damaging the bare metal. In my GL1000, I removed the fuel sending unit so I could easily stick a toilet brush (also from Dollar Store) down in there to scrub the sides. Didn't have to remove the tank. I've tried electrolysis and apple cider vinegar as well, this works faster. I would give it a scrub, then go work on something else for a few minutes... scrubbing in 15-20 minute intervals to get the loose stuff off and slosh on more of the cleaner. After about 2 hours of this it was nice shiny metal. I bought 4 bottles and a toilet brush for $5. Only used 2 bottles. My toilets are clean now too :D

Personally, I do not like to use Por15 or Kreem in my tank unless necessary to seal pinholes that have completely rusted through the tank.

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