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bg 44k

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Hi all, anyone ever use it?? :?: :?:
I was looking at this fuel additive and from all the reviews about it i`ve seen it sounds good.
It says its good for all 4 stroke petrol engines.
So i`m thinking is it good to use on my 82 gl1100.

trikist L.L.A.T. :D 8-) :?:

Hi all just joined.
My name is trikist (Bruno) As u see by my pic I ride a trike.
I trke because i`m disabled and i cant ride two wheels.
I`m 51 year old male i luve in Newport South Wales.UK :)

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Re: bg 44k

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I do not know why it would not work on a bike.

I used to be a mechanic, and we referred to it as TUNE UP IN A CAN !

I had one customer, brought in his 1994 ( if I remember right) Mustang to me because it failed its state emissions test, BAD ! He wanted a full tune up, car, rotor, wire, plugs, timing, oil change, the works. When I quoted him the price, I saw the look of dread in his eyes, so I told him, Do this F.I. treatment we offer, and go retest, and if it doesn't pass, I will take the cost of the FI treatment off the tune up for him. He said okay, we did the 44K in the tank (our FI treatment) and I told him to top off the tank, drive it 100 miles or more, and go retest while hot. He did and passed with flying colors.

I put 44K in all my cars about twice a year. Just make sure not to add too much, it is supposed to be 1 can to 25 gallons. I do not think it will hurt the bike by using too much, but why risk it? A fourth of a can should do fine.
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