Low Tire Pressure warning when cold

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Low Tire Pressure warning when cold

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My 09 GL1800 ABS gives a low tire pressure warning when the bike is cold and it then goes away after a couple of miles or so. It does it first thing in the morning or if the bike sits for a few hours and the outside temps are cool - like in the upper 60's. I checked the tire pressures (Not fully cold) and they are 42 front and 42 rear. I will recheck the pressures in the morning for true cold pressure reading. I had new tires mounted about 800 miles ago by my Honda dealer and I have always had excellent quality service from them. They are a gem. Any thoughts?

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Re: Low Tire Pressure warning when cold

Post by Viking »

There is enough air volume that the pressure can decrease enough cold to trigger the sensors. You should have 41 cold front, 36 cold rear, but I also run mine a tad high. With you showing 42 in the front, I would think that a test with several pressure testers would be in order to ensure that yours is correct. If it is correct, then your front sensor may be too sensitive. It should not really trigger till about 37 pounds, which is 10% low. It is common for this to happen though, as it happens to me spring and fall when our pavement is not real warm yet, and even in summer if the temps drop enough, as my bike is stored in a trailer, up off the pavement. Mine also goes out after a few miles of riding as the tires heat up. I have been told that if I switch to nitrogen, this would not happen, but I cannot confirm this.
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