Sierra-MC... LOVE those guys!

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Sierra-MC... LOVE those guys!

Post by ResDog70 »

I just wanted to drop a quick post about how impressed I am with true professional, in my opinion!!

I have an 85 Aspencade and the RM-1100 radio was not working well at ALL. The tuning switch and mute switch weren't working, tape belt was dust, sound kept dropping out, etc. etc.

All the issues people have posted about troubles with their radio, I had it.

I sent it off to them from work along with a list of the issues and included a return shipping label.

5 business days later, got a call on my cell phone from the tech and he explained all the work he did and that it's running fine now. I went through all the issues and he could tell that I didn't quite believe him that ALL of the issues were fixed. He assured me it was 100% good to go.

I had included my PayPal info in the initial delivery and as we were talking, I got an invoice notice. Keeping him on speaker, I jumped over to my PayPal app and noticed it was $20 cheaper than I expected, but paid it anyway. I asked him why the invoice was only $100 and he explained that the normal fee of $120 includes $20 for shipping. Since I provided a return label, I got $20 off!

As we finished up, he mentioned they saw my payment and it was on it's way back to me.

I joked that isn't it interesting that during the phone call, I got the invoice, paid it and sent confirmation all while talking on my cell phone. He responded in the most dry, monotonistic voice with "We live in amazing times, sir. Enjoy your radio." LOL! That made my day.

Got the radio back and yes, EVERYTHING works as stated!!

These guys rock! If you are hemming and hawing over keeping the original radio vs an aftermarket, I say KEEP IT! I have the CB, Volume control, etc so I wanted to keep it all stock.

Seriously.... is the place to send your radio!

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Re: Sierra-MC... LOVE those guys!

Post by vtxcandyred »

Theres one a couple of hours from my house. I plan on shipping the radio to them then going there to pick it up. Be a good drive.
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Re: Sierra-MC... LOVE those guys!

Post by NKYWinger »

The folks in our local Gold Wing chapter spoke so highly about them that we made the 3 hour ride up to their shop to get new helmets with installed audio.
We were impressed with their prices and their professionalism.
Another happy customer!

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