rear brake rotor- resurfacing?

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rear brake rotor- resurfacing?

Post by danhamner »

can you resurface the rear brake rotor ?

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Re: rear brake rotor- resurfacing?

Post by vtxcandyred »

I believe you can. If its not too bad you could do it youself. I do mine with a scotch brite and a die grinder. Ofcourse they're in pretty good shape. I never let the pads get too thin.
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Re: rear brake rotor- resurfacing?

Post by NKYWinger »

I sent mine off to tru-Disc; they resurfaced it and drilled it. They were fast and did a great job...

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Re: rear brake rotor- resurfacing?

Post by newday777 »

It depends on the thickness, there isn't much extra to turn true like on cages, and if you have holes, slots in your rotors.
There is not a machine like automotive resurfacing has so you have to find a machine shop to surface grind them.
I had a pair done on my 83A also done, no holes in those. I had enough to turn but they were down to 1/2 mm over minimum after turning. $30 each rotor in 2010. Not cheap to be done.
But the 1200 had slotted rotors in the front.
Some have also said there is a fed mandate that m/c rotors not be turned.

Why do want to turn yours and what is the conditions of them?
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Re: rear brake rotor- resurfacing?

Post by Sally »

You might clean them up with a scotch brite But a rotor has to be true DON'T use a die grinder. If this is not true your going to get thumping,wobbles brake pedal bounce.They have to be turned or surface ground. WHAT'S YOUR LIFE WORTH ??? $ 200 BUCKS

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