Bike alarm

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Bike alarm

Post by hap2 »

I'm interested in getting a bike alarm which will go off if someone even touches the bike. I wish to do this do prevent tampering. Of course, I don't mind if people touch the bike, bike I wish to prevent tampering (would be the best word). i guess an immobilizer would work, but I'm more concerned about tampering than anything else. I have locking steering. That's my immobilizer. Do u know what I'm saying? I just need more advice, suggestions, recommendations, etc. Thank you

ALSO: I try to send a reply via PM & all they do is go into my outbox & stays there i dunno how to fix that.

Thanks very much.

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Re: Bike alarm

Post by virgilmobile »

They stay in your out box till it's opened by the recipient.
My 88 tamper stuff is a cable attached to the inside of all the covers and bolted to the bike.
My alarm.??? Don't have one.I never park it in a hidden place.Even at Walmart,it's right up front in plane view of God and everybody.
My 1200 had a motion alarm,just bump it and it wails and blinks the lights.I never heard it go off except at home...darn cat...
A pager type may be helpful but how long would it take for you to get from sporting goods back to the bike?
It's too heavy to push on a trailer too.
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