Timing belts

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Timing belts

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For information, anyone looking for Quinton Hazel belts now will have to look hard. After something like 80odd years of supplying quality parts to the motor trade, they were bought out, asset stripped and now are in the hands of the Receivers! Very sad.

We used to supply these QH ones for all the four cylinder wings. For quite a few months now, when the QH supply got extremely sporadic, we have supplied belts from FAI Automotive. These are an excellent quality replacement belt made in the USA.

We always have supplies of the belts for 1200s, although we can occasionally run out of the 1000/1100 belts.

Check them out here:
http://www.wingovations.com/#/gl1000-ne ... 4543609311
http://www.wingovations.com/#/gl1100-ne ... 4543742478
http://www.wingovations.com/#/gl1200-ne ... 4543743523

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