Hope I did it right.

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Hope I did it right.

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Hello out there. I'm no mechanic but I've been pretending trying to fix up my 79 gl1000. I've had a million questions but thanks to all the DIY forums I haven't had to ask any till now. I've just put a new set of timing belts on and I think it's correct. All the marks have lined up properly. Though it seems the slightest bit off. But I've turned the crank over several times and nothing seems to be wrong. No sounds of valves hitting pistons. My question is does it sound like I have done this successfully? I'd hate to do all this work just to destroy it when I start her. Just looking for a little reassurance before I put the covers on and jump into the water pump replacement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick

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Re: Hope I did it right.

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I had the same thoughts when I did my first timing belt replacement, It went so smooth and easy I started thinking something was wrong, I turned the engine over many times aligning the #1 and T mark then checking each cam gear mark. It fired up and all was well.
I don't know what you mean by slightly off, I`m sure with the angle of vision and distance between the cam mark and cover mark it may not look quit "ON" but just look at the marks and imagine moving it the distance of one belt tooth(1/8 inch maybe) then where would it be.
The only thing I have heard with the water pump replacement is that some aftermarket gaskets have been too thin and when the cover is put on the shift mechanism rubs against the cover making it tough to shift, Many choose to use a factory Honda gasket there but some have measured the aftermarkets against the factory gaskets and measure the same thickness.
I think it is just a very close tolerance and some have even filed a little metal off the shift mechanism to make it work.
When I tackle the water pump I plan on doing a mock bolt up and use plasti guage and check for clearance before the final bolt up.
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