Stuck caliper piston

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Stuck caliper piston

Post by 19GoldWing83 »

I have an '83 Interstate and I need to change the seals in the calipers, but one of the pistons is stuck in the caliper. Any ideas to get it out would be really helpful at this time. Thanks.

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Re: Stuck caliper piston

Post by Fulcrum »

I would suggest using compressed air. You may need to put a thin block of wook in the caliper however as one piston may shoot out and leave the other one stuck with no air pressure pushing it.
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Re: Stuck caliper piston

Post by WingAdmin »

If it's still hooked up to your brake system, put a flat piece of something strong in (you can even use an old brake pad), and start pumping. I have a piece of welding stock that I use:


Once one piston contacts the piece, keep pumping and the other one will come out as well.

If it's no longer hooked up to the brake system, you can also hook a grease gun onto the bleed nipple, and use grease pumped into push the pistons out. Just make sure you clean all the grease out of the caliper after you've got the pistons out (you'll have to remove the bleed nipple to get it all).
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Re: Stuck caliper piston

Post by blueridgerunner »

If it's really stuck (mine wouldn't budge w/air) you can screw a zerk fitting into the hole where the bleed screw goes. A grease gun puts a great deal of pressure like 10X that of compressed air. Pros: The piston oozes out instead of shooting out and it WILL come out. Cons: A mess to clean the grease out afterwards.

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