Plugged exhaust ?

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Plugged exhaust ?

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Been working on a 1983 GL1100 for a couple of years, it's running, but still a work in progress. I have had to reweld the right exhaust a couple of times, due to rust. When I had it apart at the muffler to header joint it was full of rust and the baffle was rattling around inside. Like a dummy I welded it back together, have had to reweld it a couple of times because it keeps splitting joints. The bike is also running worse every time I reweld it I'm figuring it must be the ol potato in the exhaust symptom, but I've never had the experience before so I'm not sure how it affects things. Seems to run ok on the left side, but the right side is where all the problems seem to be. I've cleaned out the carbs as best I can without kits, changed out coil & plug wires. Like I said, it gets worse everytime I seal up the exhaust. Whatcha think, besides being a shady tree mech, I also drive truck, pulling triples. Any ideas or tips will save me a few more gray hairs. Thanks :shock:

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Re: Plugged exhaust ?

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Chop off the header and score a pair of Harley take offs.I picked up a new set for $25 from a local. They rumble just a bit louder but flow fine.
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