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I need some help. I currently have a 84 Goldwing but it has some issues. I have been thinking about getting a newer one when the price is right. Last Thursday a co-worker asked me if I wanted to buy his 89 Goldwing. He is now riding a newer one ands wants to get rid of the 89. I asked him what was wrong with it and he says it makes a noise coming from the engine that sounds like someone is shaking a can of rocks. He took it to four dealers while trying to get it diagnosed and not one knew what the sound was. They all told him that it would be expensive being so labor intensive. The motor runs great. He rode it about 100 miles to one of the dealers with no ill effects. I am going over to hear it run tomorrow so I can tell you in my own words what the noise sounds like. He only wants $800 for it and it has two new tires and lots of goodies. Anybody ever heard of a noise on the 1500 that sounds like a can of rocks? Need help now!!!

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Re: Help!

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My 88 1500 does not sound like rocks....
- When I got it, it did have a hum on hte front wheel, a click in the engine, and needed a bath.

The bath fixed all of it, lol.

$800, If I could, may even buy it to part it out and sell, if there are that many doo-das.

yes, listen to it.
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Re: Help!

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It could be the clutch basket rattling. I do not know if this is a fatal fault or not, but although not common, it certainly does happen with some bikes. In fact, it happens often enough that I would think a dealership would know about it, and at least, if asked, should know the fix and or lifespan expectancy of a bike rattling like this.
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Re: Help!

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Possibly a bad alternator. They can rattle pretty good if the bearings are gone. For $800 dollars I would not pass on it no matter what is wrong.
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Re: Help!

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dingdong wrote:Possibly a bad alternator. They can rattle pretty good if the bearings are gone. For $800 dollars I would not pass on it no matter what is wrong.
That's what I was thinking also, if the dampners are gone then maybe it would sound like this. If your going to listen to it run play close attention to the left side by the alternator.

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