non Honda cb's

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non Honda cb's

Post by b8210t »

Just a quick question. Son has a Kawasaki bagger and I go riding with him on occassion, he has no cb, my GL1800 does. Has anyone experience with handheld cb's with the rubber "duck" antenna? Not sure I wish to dump $600 or so for the J&M cb. I had seen where a Midland 822 series can be cycle mounted with a push to talk PTT switch. Just wonder if anyone has any experience with these types. Thanks in advance, also, on no reverse problem reported on in an earlier post, no further problems.

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Re: non Honda cb's

Post by redial »

The 'rubber duck' antenna will work ok, but be aware those handhelds are usually down on output watts, and therefore have a reduced range. But he should be able to hear you ok. It is just that when he talks and he is further away, he will not be heard. You will have to work out the ranges, and that will vary according to the type of terrain, the forest, buildings, etc.

Remember, that a GW or a Quacker, do not have a good ground plane, so results will be patchy.

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Re: non Honda cb's

Post by ka4yqi »

The little Midland work well with a good antenna. The kits are not a large sum to add to a motorcycle. The little duckie antenna may be good fo close range, but I go with a better antenna thats has a good mount to the frame. Also make sure the swr are lease under 2 to 1, I try for 1.5 to 1 across the band. Good luck and go for it.
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Re: non Honda cb's

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I put one on my bike for around $100. That's the radio, and all
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Re: non Honda cb's

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One of the best sources to suggest what to get according to your usage is :

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