Oil and trans. questions

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Oil and trans. questions

Post by sundayracr »

Earlier this spring I changed the oil and filter in my '81 1100I. It had Castrol 20W50 4-stroke oil in it and I changed to Honda branded oil that I got at the Honda shop. First of all, the Honda oil seemed to be quite a bit thinner going in. The motor "rattles" more than it did with the Castrol, and the tranny really clunks when I shift. I don't even have 1000 miles on this oil change, but am seriously considering changing back to the Castrol. I have also noticed that I am not getting the trans. shifted completely into gears occasionally. Any suggestions??

I have posted questions before and have always gotten quick and helpful responses, so I will send my heartfelt thanks in advance.

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Re: Oil and trans. questions

Post by Viking »

Was the Honda branded oil also a 20W50 weight oil? If so, I do not know what to tell you. If the Castrol made that big a difference, and it were me, I would definitely go back to the Castrol. Keep in mind that whatever oil you use should be JASO MA certified, and should not mention "energy saving" anywhere on the containers. This is to protect your clutches from becoming coated with whatever energy saving substance is used as an additive in the oil (such as teflon)
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Re: Oil and trans. questions

Post by WingAdmin »

Seems pretty straightforward to me. Your bike ran well on the Castrol. It doesn't run as well on the Honda. Go back to the Castrol.
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Re: Oil and trans. questions

Post by newday777 »

I've been using the Delo400LE 15w40 for @100,000 total in the GL1100, 1500 and now in the 1800 I'm trying the Rotella 15w40 with not much clunking in any of the bikes and they are only @ $13/gal at wally world. 8-)

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