Adding for oil

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Adding for oil

Post by jhbates2000 »

What is the best way to add for oil to your forks with out removing them from the bike. Any suggestions?

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Re: Adding for oil

Post by RoadRogue »

it is my opinion that just adding oil to the forks is a bandaid solution at best. You really should take them off the bike, take them all apart clean the crud out and inspect the condition of the bushings and replace the seals (bet they leak and that's why you want to add more oil). If you don't already have progressive suspension springs in there you should seriously consider them. After all the stock springs are over 30 years old and pretty much sagged out at this point. I think I rebuilt mine with all new parts and springs for less than $120 and only took me a few hours to do it, made for a nice little afternoon project and the handling is Soooo much better. You might want to think about the rear shocks too. They can benefit from the same treatment as well. I found the springs on sale at Amazon, seals and bushings at the dealer of your choice.
But if you just want to add oil you can remove the caps as long as you jack the bike up so there is NO weight on the front wheel. There should be a short screw on the outboard face of the lower legs to drain the old oil.
Be careful when you undo the caps , if you have progressive springs installed there will be a fair amount of pressure and you don't want to tear out the last couple of threads on the caps and you don't want to "shoot" yourself in the face either. 8-)
Ride safe, Todd
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