GL 1200 Dipstick

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GL 1200 Dipstick

Post by Harp »

I just bought an 85 GL 1200 and completely love the machine. I have a couple of questions and I'm hoping someone can help. I don't have any oil on the garage floor, but I go thru a qt in 750 miles. Is this normal? The clutch functions well, but I only have about 3/4 to 1 inch of friction zone - it fully disengages in a very short space. Is there just an adjustment or how does one know when a clutch replacement is needed on a Wing? Also, the last time I attempted to check the oil, the top of the dipstick snapped off in my hand leaving the stick and threaded post behind. I have a replacement dipstick, what is the best way to remove the broken post?

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Re: GL 1200 Dipstick

Post by thrasherg »

I do not have a 1200, so can't answer your question about the clutch or retreiving the end of the dip stick. But it is not normal for a wing to go through a quart every 750 miles. If it is not leaking out of the engine, then you must be burning it. That means you have either worn rings or worn valve guides (and seals!). A compression test will tell you if it's the rings. You can obviously keep an eye on the oil level and keep riding it (just chuck in more oil when the level gets low) or you can try and find the cause and fix it, but I suspect you are looking at a major engine dismantle!! to fix it. Run a compression test and share the results and we can then suggest other ways to find the cause of the dissapearing oil (assuming th compression tests says the rings are good. Even if the compression test is good it could still be a broken oil ring, but lets get the results of a compression test first..

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