Right size wire for Stator fix

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Right size wire for Stator fix

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I want to do the fix of the 3 yellow wires on my stator. I want to add a short length of wire to each yellow wire to make the soldering easier. I don't know anything about wire except I think I read that I need 12 gauge wire. I went to the hardware store so I could buy wire by the foot. What I bought was 12 gauge with this marking on the side. 12AWG Type MTW 600 volts. It is not solid core wire but the strands seem pretty stiff to do the wrap of the strands over each other before soldering. Is there a different type of wire I should use? With this stuff rated at 600 volts I think this is house wiring. If so where would I look for a piece of the low voltage wire?

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Re: Right size wire for Stator fix

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12 gauge is 12 gauge, regardless of whether it is one solid wire, or 30 very fine wires.

The voltage rating is more about the insulation than the wire itself. You can put 50,000 volts through that wire if you want, but the insulation won't keep that kind of voltage from shorting to a nearby ground.

The two problems with hardware store wire are 1) as you discovered, the internal wire filaments are thick, which means they are less resistant to breakage due to vibration, and 2) the insulation is stiff, not designed for constant vibration or movement, or low temperatures.

I would stop at an auto store and get a small spool of 12 gauge automotive wire. You should be fine with that.
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