throttle sticking open

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throttle sticking open

Post by kurt »

just had heads rebuilt and put back on went well. just had carbs rebuilt but when we hooked the throttle back up, it opens but wont close by itself. if we unhook the cable, the carb snaps open and shut easily by themselves, we just cant us the throttle on top. It opens ok but when we release it, it will not roll back to the closed position on either the handle bar or the carb. does anyone have any ideas.

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Re: throttle sticking open

Post by RBGERSON »

couple of possibilities..cable installed wrong and binding, cable needs to lubed, or bell housing spring installed wrong and not pulling hard pull binding or stiff cable.

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Re: throttle sticking open

Post by gnarlyroad »

lube the throttle till the fluid comes out the end. Working the throttle back and forth as you do so.
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Re: throttle sticking open

Post by WingAdmin »

You've got sticky throttle cables. I had mine starting to do this, and I decided that not knowing just how old the cables were, and not wanting them to fail unexpectedly when I was far from home, I decided to just replace them. I think the price of both cables together wasn't more than $25.
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Re: throttle sticking open

Post by raycw »

Any chance you've replaced the throttle cables?? I found that the replacement cables (even those from Honda) have too long of the threads on one of the cables. I'm pretty sure it's the 'PULL' cable. Get a flashlight so you can see... at the cable mount .... slowly open the throttle. Watch the bell crank to see if it contacts the throttle cable threads when it's wide open. You mentioned the throttle would snap back when you loosened the cables... that's exactly what happens. You've freed up the throttle by moving the cable and un-sticking where it got lodged.

I had to cut off some of the threads with my grinder and make sure to remove the loose threads after cutting them.

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