Rear Shocks on Trike

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Rear Shocks on Trike

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I have a '90 Gold Wing which I'm pretty sure is still running either the original shocks or OEM replacements. The bike has 140,000 miles on it. My question is whether or not I should replace these with similar or OEM air shocks or if it might not be reasonable to switch to non-air shocks. I seldom have weight on the back and those old straight axles seem to ride rough on most anything except the smoothest of roads, anyway.

Any comments or experience reports?

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Re: Rear Shocks on Trike

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Hello Alyle. I also have a 1990 trike. When I got it the p.o. had taken the air shocks off and had normal shocks installed. But whoever did the job had welded the brackets on crooked so the new shocks broke after a short time. So I ended up re/installing the air shocks. The bike was designed to have them on, if you change in any kind of weight hauling you have an easy adjustment. I did have it both ways for a time and for me the convenience of adjustable air ride is a great modern conveniences.
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