New To Me 1975 GL Question

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New To Me 1975 GL Question

Post by kazam »

I've this Superbike that I respect.
That is not in question.

On the Left side , just behind the battery, connected to the + Lead,
there is a Part, ( (just in front on where the frame curves back then forwards -- at the
Midpoint of the bike...) ... just behind the battery on the left side, this part that looks
just a bit larger than a ' D' battery ---- What is that please?

My bike ran; then it stopped, and it kept shorting out a fuse (as far as I can tell right there between that
part and the -- that...the fuse would blow.

ICan tell you thatble to run with this bike about ...more than 100 miles before this quirl happened.

I do not know what that part that directrly ties into the battery, aft of it, is.
Help is part of what I am looking for; a better explanation could help.

Eitherway I will Not tollerate Crap or more crap.

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Re: New To Me 1975 GL Question

Post by tfdeputydawg »

Can you post a pic of this?
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Re: New To Me 1975 GL Question

Post by dingdong »

That is the starter solenoid. The fuse is more than likely the main 30 amp fuse.

"Eitherway I will Not tollerate Crap or more crap." ?????????
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Re: New To Me 1975 GL Question

Post by virgilmobile »

You should be able to download a manual and schematic to help.
The fuse is a 30 amp main fuse that ties the battery to the bikes charging system and ignition switch.
At most there should be only 15 amp going through it at any time.
If the fuse blows,too much current is trying to pass.
Possible causes...
Rectifier module
Regulator module
Extra high power lights added to the bike.
The rectifier(diode) module can be tested or unhooked for a drive test.
If it's unhooked the battery will not be charged.
A voltmeter/ohm meter would be helpful in checking the electrical system.
Should the charging system be the problem there is a way to replace the 2 modules with a combined module from a gl1100 or gl1200 with just a bit of wiring.

And that's no crap. :lol:
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Re: New To Me 1975 GL Question

Post by bjatwood »

He's talking about the rubber cover on some of the regulator wiring. My guess is there is a short causing the bike to lose it's battery charge. Thus engine OFF mode.The starter solinoid is on the right side of the battery

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