Sleeping Beauty's gas cap saga!!

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Sleeping Beauty's gas cap saga!!

Post by made2care »

Okay, I think I have found the problem. she's playing games with me, just needing more attention!!
Problem arose a few days ago when I was almost stranded. throttled up to 80 mph and upon deceleration she died. Coasted to side of road. could not get her started!! took off gas cap and Presto, after a few tries she started.
Replaced fuel pump (it was leaking) and took her out again. same thing, throttle up and upon deceleration, she died. this time , I did not remove cap and managed to get her going while still coasting.
I am finding out from various forums that these years 84-87 are notorious for this.
Took her out again, this time with gas cap removed. Guess what, she ran great, even going up to 85 in a few seconds, no problem. sufficient fuel.
My gas cap has to be bad. I have cleaned it but I think its still bad. Any suggestions on where to get a replacement. The oems are outrageously priced!!
p.s. as all of you wing owners know, This bike has incredible speed. I mean seriously, I could not believe how fast she went from 40 to 85mph, absolutely incredible!!and what's even more interesting, is that she appeared to go faster with the gas cap removed. Way to go Sleeping Beauty, but we need to get you a new gas cap. Help :!:

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Re: Sleeping Beauty's gas cap saga!!

Post by redial »

FleaBay has what appears to be one, ... e&lpid=107

Len in Kapunda

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Re: Sleeping Beauty's gas cap saga!!

Post by mrtwowheel »

Try the WD40 or Walmart Tech Lubricant soak overnight. There are seals and passages to clean out. Any rubber friendly solvent, carb cleaner is not rubber or paint friendly. Walmart Tech Lubricant worked for me. Now my tank goes fizz instead of whooosh when I open the cap. Fuel filter????????

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Re: Sleeping Beauty's gas cap saga!!

Post by dingdong »

There are a ton of guys that just drill a hole in the cap with the smallest bit available. I would soak the cap in Seafoam for a couple of days if it were mine before I drilled it.

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