Tps flashing

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Tps flashing

Post by Baldwing »

My tps light started flashing. My tire pressures are correct. It goes off after riding it about 2 miles. I took it to my dealer and they said it was due to the temperature change outside. Does anyone know if the system is temperature sensitive?

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Re: Tps flashing

Post by tfdeputydawg »

In a way it is. Although you checked your tires, not sure when you checked them??? If after riding for some time, the pressure rises as the tires heat up.
You need to check them cold to be sure of the correct pressure as it will drop in colder weather!
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Re: Tps flashing

Post by WingAdmin »

The "TPMS" light came on, or the low pressure light came on (picture of a tire with a "!" in it)?

If it's the TPMS light (has the letters TPMS in it) it indicates an issue with the TPMS system itself - usually lost contact with a sensor.

The low pressure light indicates exactly that - low pressure in a tire. Pressure and temperature are related, in that when temperatures outside drop, the pressure inside your tires will also drop. This is why when the weather starts to get colder outside, you should check and top up your tires to make sure their pressures are OK.

When you start riding, your tires heat up, which increases the pressure inside them. I keep my front tire at 41, and my rear tire at 48, measured when they are cold. When I ride and they are warmed up, they will read more like 46 and 55 psi, although under very hot conditions they will read higher. This is why it is important to check your tire pressure when tires are cold. If you check/fill them when they are still warm, when they cool off, the pressure will be much too low.

Keep in mind that tires can be heated up just sitting in the sun. If the tires are sitting in the sun, they will be warm enough to skew the pressure reading significantly. The best time to check your tire pressure is in the morning when the bike is still in the garage.
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