HID Conversion

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Hoosier Jack
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HID Conversion

Post by Hoosier Jack »

I was looking at the ballast on this eBay site:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/35W-HID-Super-M ... ff&vxp=mtr

I have some basic questions because I have never done this before. I want more headlight and I am pretty sure that an HID conversion will do that. With this ballast, would the wiring just hook up to my existing wires and how? Which bulb should I get out of the list and do these bulbs fit into my existing headlight shell and seal okay. Lastly, will I have problems with the high beam / low beam changes?

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Re: HID Conversion

Post by MikeB »

What you need to do is buy an HID kit and install it.
Go to Ebay and search for this Item Number: 261294929526

It is a HI/LOW DUAL BEAM HID Kit for H4 bulbs.
It comes with everything you need for a complete installation.
The Hi/Lo Bulbs are controlled by an internal solenoid to reposition the bulb for Hi beams. Works perfectly.

You could also buy a similar kit from Cyclemax. They have a kit for the GL1500. http://cyclemax.com/inc/sdetail/gl1500_ ... /83/143554. The kit is almost identical to the Ebay kit but the ballasts are better quality.

I would recommend the Cyclemax kit over the Ebay kits. I have installed five HID kits over the last year, in my GL1500, GL1800, GMC, CR-V, and FIT. One from Cyclemax and four from Ebay. Every Ebay kit I have installed has had problems with the ballasts. I've replaced about six ballasts. Replacement ballasts are cheap enough but it is a pain to have to go back in and replace them. Plus, I think all the kits have a two year warranty so you can get free replacements. I've had no failures from the Cyclemax kit which I installed on my GL1500.

Edit: I didn't notice what motorcycle you were working with in your post. I assumed that is was a GL1500 so I gave you info for a kit for a GL1500. Naturally, both the Ebay kit and Cyclemax kit will not work on a GL1100. However, whatever bike you upgrade, the Cyclemax kit will certainly make things easiest for you.

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Re: HID Conversion

Post by WingAdmin »

I agree, the Cyclemax kit (which are SoCal's GoldwingHIDs) have extremely high quality ballasts (and they are much smaller than the ones in your eBay link), and a selection of bulb colors. I have their GL1500 kit in my Goldwing, and their GL1100 (single bulb) kit in my wife's PC800. It's a plug-and-play installation. This is their GL1100 kit:

http://cyclemax.com/inc/sdetail/gl1000_ ... 809/218610
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Re: HID Conversion

Post by JMMO »

I too have installed the HID kit from SoCal, and I recommend it. :D One year after I installed it I had a bulb that started acting up...not coming on when I started the bike sometimes. I contacted the company, and they sent me a new bulb & Ballest.

Ride Safe,

Jim M
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