engine covers, good or bad?

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engine covers, good or bad?

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i have heard a small amount of people say that the chrome engine covers will cook your stator, is this actually true or is the heat just an issue at idle and low speeds, i have them on my bike now, has anyone had this problem, how long does it take to fry the stator if it even does?

Rick, 82 GL1100 Interstate
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Re: engine covers, good or bad?

Post by tom84std »

Although it's a liquid cooled engine, there is substantial cooling from airflow as well. Lots of things placed around the engine does tend to obstruct airflow to and from the radiator itself. Is it enough to make a difference? I guess it's debatable and depends on ambient temps. At the very least, if you have problems on the road, it's just more things to be removed to get to the problem. I've always thought it was a beautiful engine, why hide it?
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