Brake pad shims project Scrappy.

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Brake pad shims project Scrappy.

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Hope everyone is have a good riding time this spring/summer. Ive been working on Scrappys rear brakes and only part that is rusted beyond reason is the thin brake pad shim. What is it used for/does it do? Where can I get 3 for Scrappy? Or can I make some?
I haven't pumped the caliper up fully but I noticed a lot of space between the piston and pad, about 1/4 inch.I thought new pads with piston seated would be little space at all. I know the shim is very thin.
Im making me a PVC intake and gonna use a VW solex pit3 carb and flexable 1 1/2 exhaust on Scrappy.
May do a Avengers theme on the bike to. My mind dreams a lot.
Take care and watch out for deer and beevcoons in the road :-)
Nathan lovern

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Re: Brake pad shims project Scrappy.

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Are the discs the correct width? After so much sitting time, they may shrunk 8-)

But seriously, you should measure the discs to make sure they are still in spec.
Len in Kapunda

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Re: Brake pad shims project Scrappy.

Post by spiralout »

The shims are just for anti-noise/squeel. They're not necessary. I've had brakes that were noisy with them and brakes that were quiet without them. CRC makes some anti-squeel stuff you can apply to the back of the pad, too. As far as the space between the piston/pad/rotor, it's normal if you pushed the pistons all the way back into the calipers. Just pump em up.
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Re: Brake pad shims project Scrappy.

Post by dingdong »

Those shims should be stainless steel. Are you sure they can't be cleaned up and re-used?

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