Multiple Goldwing questions/Suzuki-Yamaha Electrical Guru needed

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Multiple Goldwing questions/Suzuki-Yamaha Electrical Guru needed

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Hello fellow Goldwingers, I am rebuilding my first Goldwing which is a 1982 GL1100I. I have about 90% complete and noticed the following issues. :?

1. After replacing the headlight/turn signal/ horn switch, the headlight seems a little dimmer and hesitates about a 2 seconds to switch from low to high. The switch bought off ebay new and installed has an off option since switching out multiple original signal units didn't work. Are there any LED headlights that can be installed for this or is it due to limited voltage.

2. Is there a way to increase/boost the output of voltage for the bike or do I need to start switching things to LED's?

3. Here is the general electrical Guru question. I have a 80 Suzuki GS750E with the #2 and #3 cylinder not getting hot when running and the bike runs rough. I have swapped the coil from #1 and #4 with #2 and #3 and the problem follows the coil. It has a spark on both cylinders but I think it may be too weak. I was given a Yamaha Seca XJ 650 Coil pack which I am trying to connect. There are 2 wires coming from the clip to the coil pack on the Suzuki. On the Yamaha coil, there are the 2 spark plug wires on one side and on the other side there is a red/white wire/ center mounting post/ and then another wire that looks like it could be gray with a green stripe but very hard to tell since most of it is worn off. My question is which wire from the Suzuki clip should go to which wire on the Yamaha coil? I was unable to locate a diagram showing which wire color is for what on the Yamaha coil.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Having 3 bikes (one being a dual sport with knobbies that works fine) stinks with the good weather and and long distance I commute.

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Re: Multiple Goldwing questions/Suzuki-Yamaha Electrical Guru needed

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#1 If it did not do it before replacement then it is with equipment swap. There is an option.
#2 Bout have to remove motor for stator replacement. Might try a better higher amperage battery.
#3 If it moves with coil then coil is problem. A two wire coil, Yamaha uses gray for common and red for hot.
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