A Couple of Quick Questions Regarding Electronics on a 1986

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Ken Styles
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A Couple of Quick Questions Regarding Electronics on a 1986

Post by Ken Styles »

This is what the console looks like on my bike I just bought.

It's a 1986 Interstate.

Would I be able to put a radio and speakers?

Also, are there any gadgets I can use to hold a cell phone or a GPS?


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Re: A Couple of Quick Questions Regarding Electronics on a 1986

Post by harvey01 »

I am sure there is a way to mount a radio and speakers, I just don't know that answer.

Yes there are ways to mount a bracket for the phone and GPS. There is a product called Ram Mounts that provide a lot of ways to mount stuff to the handlebars, even the brake/clutch reservoirs. Whitehorse Gear is a great supplier of these mounts and they are in NH but have an online presence with ordering and shipping.

If no one comes up with a better radio solution, J&M Audio has a lot of possible solutions and you might want to look at their JMCB-2003 for a CB unit, and connector to a radio or MP3 to get the music into your helmet speakers.

Just as an aside, I think the panels to the left and right of your speedometer and tach are locations for speakers. If they were installed at manufacture, I would plan to replace those before use.

You might also consider going to: http://www.helminc.com/
and doing a search and locating the service/shop manual for the 86 Gold Wing if you plan to do a lot of work to the unit. This would be the official Honda service manual. They do list the shop manual, the owners manual and even the parts catalogue as being available.

A number of interesting Honda service and audio bulletins are available for download on this site, just go to the tab at the tip "Manuals" and follow the directions to include a lot of info on the radio equipment that was stock on your bike or its upgraded version.
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Re: A Couple of Quick Questions Regarding Electronics on a 1986

Post by virgilmobile »

If your looking for OEM,theres a few on Ebay...Be prepared for hundreds of dollars for the complete unit .That's the "head",harness,power amp,etc,etc.
You would,at lease,have to purchase the pair of speaker grilles to replace the blank covers.I think the speakers are 4"..There may also be a "off shelf" radio that will fit into the cavity...It's pretty shallow...Perhaps a marine radio would work..You'd even get the weather channel on it..Don't forget about having to mount a antenna too...Expect a generic one to have too short a cable tho...A extension is usually necessary to reach from the trunk area to the faring..
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